Air valve ductile iron and PA, type 5600 (EN)

Diese Information ist derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar

Technimex Air valve ductile iron and PA, type 5600, is a double orifice valve. With fully automatic triple function for releasing air during pipe filling and bringing air in (anti-vacuum) during pipe drainage or burst and releasing smaller amounts of air during operation.

The ductile iron unit releases large volumes of air while the polyamide unit releases small volumes of air and sucks air in case of vacuum.

Floats from non-corrosive material.
Body can be provided with threaded outlet for connecting a discharge valve.

Flanged connection with multi-size universal drilling (DN 50-65 PN 16-25; DN 80 PN 16-25 and DN 100 PN 16-25).

From DN150 slip-on flange version (revolving flange).
With an inner basket (up to DN80) or special guides into body casting (from DN150) to keep float in optimal position during operation.

Minimum operating pressure 0,5 bar.