Tyton bend 22½°, MMK-22 piece

MMK 22½° with push fit socket. Available up to DN1600.
Double socket bend 22½°.
According to DIN EN 545.


Additional Information

Type/DNb (mm)Weight (kg)
MMK 22-DN80405,9
MMK 22-DN100458,1
MMK 22-DN1255011,0
MMK 22-DN1505512,0
MMK 22-DN2006520,5
MMK 22-DN2507527,0
MMK 22-DN3009041,0
MMK 22-DN35010050,0
MMK 22-DN40011066,0
MMK 22-DN45012090,0
MMK 22-DN500135107,0
MMK 22-DN600155168,0
MMK 22-DN700180232,0
MMK 22-DN800205316,0
MMK 22-DN900225456,0
MMK 22-DN1000250576,0
MMK 22-DN1200285820,0