Tyton bend 45°, MMK-45 piece

MMK 45° with push fit socket. Available up to DN1600.
Double socket bend 45°.
According to DIN EN 545.


Additional Information

Type/DNb (mm)Weight (kg)
MMK 45-DN80507,6
MMK 45-DN100607,9
MMK 45-DN1257512,0
MMK 45-DN1507013,5
MMK 45-DN2008022,0
MMK 45-DN25013532,5
MMK 45-DN30015549,0
MMK 45-DN35017561,0
MMK 45-DN40019582,5
MMK 45-DN450220103,0
MMK 45-DN500240132,2
MMK 45-DN600285191,0
MMK 45-DN700380450,0
MMK 45-DN800375410,0
MMK 45-DN900415578,0
MMK 45-DN1000460770,0
MMK 45-DN12005501100,0