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Smart City

With our “off-the-shelf” products, existing cities of today can be turned into Smart Cities of tomorrow.
Users of our systems are able to implement a series of gradual improvement steps. In this way it is possible to go “step-by-step”
through a “makeover” process without taking high risks or making large investments.

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The sewage water balance

Storing all level measurements of a complete sewage piping system, including rainfall in the affected area, opens new perspectives for smart reporting and finding technical shortages.

How to detect measurement errors, unknown outside influences, abnormal discharge surface, leaking sewers, unknown discharges, etc. in a sewer system.

A smart water balance report can help you out. It compares the amount of sewage water in a sewage piping system at the beginning of a period with the amount of water at the end of the period. The amount of water in the system can be calculated in TeleControlNet from the level measurements in the system, and the following should apply: Water in the system at t2 is equal to t1 + water in system on total influx between t1 and t2 – total effluent between t1 and t2.
In practice, this water balance usually does not match. But just the difference found is interesting because it may indicate one of the problems mentioned above.

Rule based control of groundwater pumps

In the Ruhrgebiet in Germany groundwater levels are rising because of the cessation of mining.

Because of the rising groundwater levels, basements in homes get flooded. Unfortunately regulating ground water levels by regional pumping stations is expensive and energy consuming.

Technimex International has developed an analogue pumping control strategy with a minimum of power consumption. A monitoring network of groundwater is also connected to TeleControlNet. On basis of measured ground water levels ground water pumps that are spread over the problem area, are rule based controlled.

Rule based control of sewage pumping stations

Certain urban areas have a very dense population. Installing new sewage piping and pumping stations is very costly.

Can the utilization of the installed sewage piping be improved?

In several cases we have improved the buffer capacity in the piping system with central rule based control of pumps. For example if heavy rainfall is expected, the sewage piping system is emptied before the rain has arrived. The automated pump control is based upon a central rule based automated pumping strategy. The rules are defined in TeleControlNet by sewage experts.

Flood warning during construction

Construction work to sewage systems in dense urban areas is complicated.

During a renovation work in Dortmund there was a risk of larger amounts of water from the further on upstream drains entering the location where the maintenance operations took place. A temporary bypass was far too costly.

In order to prevent risks to persons working in the drains, sensors have been placed in the upstream drains. TeleControlNet alarmed the maintenance workers for upcoming water. The data transfer was performed by GPRS with a live heartbeat to secure the connection.

Flood warning

The city of Eindhoven has the risk of flooded tunnels in case of heavy rainfall.

In case of heavy rainfall the security in the city can be at stake because, in addition to ordinary traffic, police cars, ambulances and fire trucks cannot pass through the flooded tunnels anymore.

TeleControlNet monitors water levels in the pumping station in the tunnels and shows the situation real time, including alarming in TeleControlNet.

Central control of wastewater plants

The Netherlands counts many wastewater plants.

Controlling these wastewater plants costs a considerable amount of money. Costs can be reduced if multiple wastewater plants can be controlled from one central control room. The problem is that these plants are often realized in the course of time, with different brands PLC control.

With our TeleControllers we connect cross-systems to one central (remote) TeleControlNet SCADA control interface.

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