Studded reducer flange, XR piece

With the studded reducer flange Type XR it is possible to make reductions with big steps of the nominal diameter within very short lengths. This is very important if the standard FFR fittings are not useful.

Type A

Studs on both sides

Type B

For greater steps of the nominal diameter. In the bigger diameter are threaded holes; in the smaller diameter are studs.

XR studded reducer flanges are made of ductile iron GJS-400/500 (DIN1693 GGG-40/50) or steel fabricated. Epoxy coated (Resicoat®) acc. to EN 14901 (DIN 30677-2) and GSK certified (RAL-GZ 662). Studded reducer flanges type XR make reductions in nominal diameter possible within very short lengths. Available in two types (see detail drawings). When ordering specify counter flange and the material of the studded ends (A2/A4, hot dip or galvanized).