Needle valve, type 6000

Technimex needle valves, also called plunger valves are used for flow control with high different pressures. Long service life is guaranteed as the bearings do not come into contact with the medium. Precise control is possible by the circular flow cross section. The flow is always guided to the center of the connecting pipe where cavitation bubbles will be formed and restored without damaging the equipment. Upstream and downstream pressure in combination with required flow rate define the type of ring to be used in order to have excellent cavitation behavior and minimum pressure loss. The needle valve is suitable for use in water treatment, water distribution, in dams, power plants and in several other industries. Needle valves can be operated with hand wheel and gearbox or with electric actuator.


Needle Valve
Control and shut-off valve for drinking water and service water up to 50°C
DN200 – 2000, PN10 – 16 – 25

General information

  • One-piece body in EN GJS 400 15
  • Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and infiltration-proof piston guides in the body by way of micro-finished bronze weld overlay
  • Designed for cavitation-free operation in all modes of operation
  • Perforated or slotted optional anti-cavitation cylinder
  • Piston sealed EPDM ring
  • Anti-blowout shaft
  • Tightness to DIN EN 12 266-1
  • Flange connection dimensions to EN 1092 or ANSI
  • Piston: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Retaining ring: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Crank gear: stainless steel 1.4021
  • Valve shaft: stainless steel 1.4021
  • Bolts in touch with the medium: stainless steel 1.4031
  • Maintenance-free shaft bearings made of bronze
  • With self-locking, encapsulated, maintenance-free worm gear in protection degree IP67, incl. mechanical position indicator
  • With hand wheel
  • With four lifting eyes
  • Certificate EN 10204 3.1

Corrosion protection

  • Inside and outside epoxy-coated, coating thickness >250 µm, blue RAL 5010

Design specifications

Q max. = _____ m3/h at _____ bar
Q min.  = _____ m3/h at _____ bar

Dynamic pressures
Inlet pressure at Q max. _____ bar, at Q min. _____ bar
Back pressure at Q max. _____ bar, at Q min. _____ bar

Static pressures when the valve is closed
Inlet pressure: _____
Back pressure: _____

Additional information


Operating pressure

PN10, PN16, PN25

Flange connection

, ,

Top flange

Datasheets (PDF)

Type 6000 needle valve datasheet
Type 6000 needle valve installation & maintenance manual
Type 6000 needle valve tender text