Resilient seated gate valve EN558-1/14 (F4)

When this valve with bi-directional flow is fully open, the gate and pipeline diameter are the same and there is very low head loss. The valve will operate by means of a hand wheel and gearbox and has a body length of EN 558-1/14 (DIN 3202 F4).


Resilient-seated full bore gate valve
Shut-off valve for drinking water and waste water up to 60°C
DN500 – 1200, PN10 – 16
Face-to-face length DIN EN 558-1, basic series 14 (DIN 3202, F4)

General information

  • Rubber-coated shut-off wedge with sliding caps to reduce wear and tear and operation torques;
  • Maintenance free and corrosion resistant stem seal with O ring sealings;
  • Full passage, without contraction;
  • Bi-direction flow, tight in both directions;
  • Flange connection dimensions to EN 1092-2;
  • Body, cover and wedge made of ductile cast iron GGG40 according to DIN 1693;
  • Wedge fully vulcanized EPDM rubber;
  • Operating pressure: DN500 – DN600, PN10/PN16; DN700 – DN1200, PN10;
  • With self-locking gearbox, open and close limit stops and with position indicator;
  • Stem made of waste water resistant stainless steel grade 1.4401;
  • Replaceable stem nut made of zinc-free cast bronze;
  • Set for underground installation;

Corrosion protection

  • Inside and outside epoxy coated, coating thickness >250 µm, colour: RAL 5010 blue;


This gate valve is available in the following variations:

  • Body, cover and wedge made of ductile cast iron GGG50 according to DIN 1693;
  • Set for over ground installation
  • Hand wheel
  • Without position indicator
  • Extension spindle
  • Electric actuator
  • Pneumatic actuator


Additional information


Operating pressure

PN10, PN16

Flange connection


Face to face length

EN 558-1/14, DIN 3202 F4

Datasheet (PDF)

Gate valves F4 datasheet
Gate valves F4 tender text