Tyton bend 11¼°, MMK-11 piece

MMK 11¼° with push fit socket. Available up to DN1600.
Double socket bend 11¼°.
According to DIN EN 545.


Additional Information

Type/DNb (mm)Weight (kg)
MMK 11-DN80305,6
MMK 11-DN100356,9
MMK 11-DN1253510,0
MMK 11-DN1504011,2
MMK 11-DN2004518,8
MMK 11-DN2505024,5
MMK 11-DN3006037,0
MMK 11-DN3506544,0
MMK 11-DN4007058,0
MMK 11-DN4507079,2
MMK 11-DN5008594,5
MMK 11-DN60095127,0
MMK 11-DN700110245,0
MMK 11-DN800125271,0
MMK 11-DN900120350,0
MMK 11-DN1000130506,0
MMK 11-DN1200150650,0