Tyton bend 30°, MMK-30 piece

MMK 30° with push fit socket. Available up to DN1200.
Double socket bend 30°.
According to DIN EN 545.


Additional Information

Type/DNb (mm)Weight (kg)
MMK 30-DN80457,1
MMK 30-DN100507,4
MMK 30-DN1255510,0
MMK 30-DN1506512,3
MMK 30-DN2008019,7
MMK 30-DN2509529,0
MMK 30-DN30011043,0
MMK 30-DN35012555,0
MMK 30-DN40014069,0
MMK 30-DN450255145,0
MMK 30-DN500170110,0
MMK 30-DN600200160,0
MMK 30-DN700230254,0
MMK 30-DN800260346,0
MMK 30-DN900290496,0
MMK 30-DN1000320630,0
MMK 30-DN1200380988,0